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Access to recordings and editing? Creating a live connection with the OR? Safely and easily no matter where you are or on which platform you prefer to work (WINDOWS, iOS or LINUX). We support common web browsers for the use of the M2 system webapp…

  • includes "VIEWER"

  • data management

  • import of recordings from the device with the possibility of using the internal camera

  • interactive use of tag list and tag navigation

  • display of multitrack videos (matrix, PiP) - editing and auto-editing

  • tag editing

  • electronic pencil

  • creating a photo from a video

  • change playback speed

  • zoom timeline

  • playlists

  • sharing records between disciplines

  • sending to PACS

  • includes "WORK"

  • live audiovisual call with system users

  • conference call support

  • the option of a live connection without sound or without video

  • support for connecting multiple cameras from one source

  • cameras selection and microphone selection

  • camera layout edit 

  • the ability to browse the app with a background call

  • adding the camera to videocall from external device

  • secure access

  • database search and filtering of examinations according to several parameters (date, patient, doctor, procedure,…)

  • the option of archive views

  • multi-track video playback

  • jumps in seconds

  • fullscreen

  • display markers on the timeline

  • change user password

  • download (export) of recordings

  • Access anywhere within the network without complicated client installation on HW.

  • Advanced viewing tools allow doctors to watch procedures from a different perspectives.

  • Tools for easy video edit for further needs.

  • Easy export of recordings.

  • Easy creation of recordings by the tablet or phone with the ability to be assigned and imported to a central repository.

  • Sharing recordings for a specific person or department / clinic.

  • Advanced video call features assure quality video call consultations without the need of a consultant to be present in the OR.

  • Thanks to its intuitiveness and simplicity, videoconferencing allows more frequent consultations between physicians, that reduces the risk of adverse events and increases the quality of care.

Medirecord company continues developing web interface which is part of the M2 system. This project named ,,Developement of the new function of M2 System - web interface" is cofinanced by European union. The scope of the project is creation of unique and specialized information system that provides recording, processing, archiving, distribution of the medical recordings and enable creation of live video-broadcasting of the medical procedures and by which key function will be completed.

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