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M2X is a server part of the system including MEDIRECORD services, database, storage management and communication management. The M2X component is used for recordings evidence, user administration and ensuring secure and clear access to recordings from anywhere via the web interface. Turnkey solution (HW + SW) or the of use the customer's server
resources is optional. 

  • virtualization

  • authorization

  • synchronization of recordings in the system

  • running a web application

  • AD support

  • branding of the system with your logo (application start, watermark in records)

  • event logging and protection against unwanted events to increase security

  • delivery of complete HW equipment for running a server solution

  • installation of the server solution on the customer's HW

  • the institution can arbitrarily increase the storage capacity

  • the server allows to receive videos or images in DICOM format from competing recorders

  • system settings allow the allocation of repositories for individual clinics

  • creating user accounts and managing them in groups with different options

  • Installing a server solution on the customer's HW will reduce acquisition costs and protect the customer's previous investments.

  • Receiving videos and images from recorders of other manufacturers.

  • Constant availability and easy traceability of your recordings.

  • The customer can freely increase the capacity of the central storage without additional necessary license fees.

  • A separate repository for individual specializations and fields ensures access to the recordings only to authorized users. For consultation and other reasons, recordings can be shared temporarily or permanently across specializations or only to a given colleague.

  • Synchronization allows you to always have the same data on all stations of the system at hand. At the same time it allows the use of the recorders in offline mode.

  • Placing the logo in the recordings will ensure the presentation of the medical facility, e.g. when presenting recordings at congresses, workshops, etc.

  • Unwanted actions prevention within the system increases the protection and security of the institution.

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