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"Béčko", as it is nicknamed, is a recording device that provides recording, patient data creation, communication with the server, video conferencing and more. From the system perspective, M2B is the main component and is used in places where medical procedures take place and recordings are created. The device is fully certified for use in healthcare.

  • editing and auto-editing functions

  • comparison

  • viewing in PiP, PbP, Matrix, SingleView 

  • export recordings to external disk or to PACS

  • integrated audio-visual module for communication between system users and stations

  • time measurement (stopwatch, countdown)

  • access to PACS

  • surgical checklist

  • single or multi-track video recording for advanced overview options of procedures

  • unlimited length of records

  • creation of videos with audio track, support of multiple microphones for annotating procedures by more people

  • Modality Worklist (MWL) support  

  • creating tags in videos for quick reference in video 

  • taking pictures during recording

  • access to the archive

  • ​Synchronization of the video tracks and the viewing options gives the opportunity to see the issues from many angles.

  • Unlimited recording, the system is adapted to work with long recordings.

  • Intuitive and easy record creation even for less experienced users.

  • Advanced features for editing videos and finding important moments according to the healthcare needs.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use communication module, by which users create live connections without the need of technician intervention.

  • Displaying of the previous recordings and examinations option (recorders, CT, X-ray, MRI, ...)

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